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623. A Toronto Immigrant Art – March, 2016

Ruth writes: I have been looking for immigrant art that tells personal stories in a style that reflects both birth countries and Canada. So

I neglected to tell you about the Lao festival earlier this month but there’s another one coming up soon. The Tuckbath of Boon Phra

456. India’s Colourful Holi & Thailand’s Wet Songkran Festivals – 2015

Ruth writes: Toronto’s multicultural community was out celebrating spring and a new year with a vengeance this past weekend. Fortunately the weather cooperated. The

502. Pictures of Laotian Summer Festival 2014

Ruth writes: I must admit I went largely because I was curious. Why would a Laotian temple — which has large grounds of its

427. Report on a Laotian Festival in Toronto 2013

 Except for the snow shovel, it was like being back in Laos. I slipped off my shoes outside the red door of the temple

425. Laotian Festivals in November

 I missed the October 19 Loy Kathong festival at the exotic Lao temple on Airport Road this year. This major festival is also celebrated

297. Aug. 23-26 Affordable Multicultural Events Toronto

    We have a full weekend of free or nearly-free cultural events that show off Toronto’s diversity. It starts on Thursday morning with

289. August 3-6, 2012 Weekend Events in Affordable Multicultural Toronto

  This weekend is centered around the big Caribbean Carnival Festival with its Grand Parade on Saturday. Monday is the August Civic Public Holiday.

From now until the end of April, multicultural Toronto will be celebrating Orthodox Easter, and the Sikh’s Khalsa Day Parade. Passover continues until April