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684. August 25-28 and Later Affordable Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2016

If you are interested in cultures in Toronto from Brazil, Cuba, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Syria, and/or Taiwan, mark your calendar now for the

676. Syrian Film – June 5, 2016

Sponsors and friends of Syrian refugees here might be especially interested in a current Syrian-theme film. #Chicago Girl is a documentary “about the 19-year-old

598. Another Muslim Family Food Day – February 14, 2016

I don’t know what kind of food will be there this year, but last year’s Family Food Day had dishes from Mauritania, Syria, Senegal,

Two anti-Assad Syrian activists meet in prison. They fall in love, and after being released, they have children. They continue their political work as

582. Clothes for Syrian Refugees – January, 2016

It was a very heartwarming experience for everybody, volunteers, refugees and me. For weeks a group of Toronto volunteers led by Julie Mahfouz Rezvani

566. Resources for Those Helping Syrian & Other Refugees – December, 2015.

The Information Fair for Sponsors of Syrian Refugees brought out several hundred people to Toronto City Hall earlier this week. Many were eager to

Thanks to Jenny Cafiso of Canadian Jesuits International and to others for telling us about this event.  The humanitarian response to the Syrian Crisis:

Ruth writes: We’ve been hearing of small groups of concerned citizens getting together to help sponsor a refugee family. If you are thinking about

519. Trying to Do Something about the Refugee Crisis – 2015

Ruth writes: Pictures of a toddler dead on a beach in Turkey, an interview with his aunt in British Columbia who paid for the

442. Muslim Food Fair – 2015

Ruth writes: It was a great start. Last weekend was the first Family Food Day presented by the Understanding Islam Academy and MuslimFest. It