Month: March 2012

Sometimes I learn about free or nearly-free ethnic events in Toronto by going on the Web. Just by clicking on “Ukrainian events in Toronto”

    April 8 this year is Easter Sunday, the most important day of the year for Toronto’s Christians. This day commemorates the resurrection

  I didn’t know what to expect. The notice in NOW said the event was called “Nevruz.” It was “celebrating spring and the cultures

I finally had a chance to catch the moving posters of many of Tamasaburo’s fine performances at the Japan Foundation. What a treat! As

I fell in love with storytelling around campfires at a cottage or summer camp many years ago. Last year’s Storytelling Festival brought back those

I was a little apprehensive about going to the “Proud to be Portuguese-Canadian” event on Saturday. I’m not Portuguese-Canadian. The title made it sound

  It was my first Fire Festival. I was expecting to see mainly men jump over a big bonfire like acrobats. Instead, I found

239. Report on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade last Sunday was as much fun as ever. I’ve seen the last three. This year it took an

238. Report on March 10 Tibetan Rally

Our Toronto Tibetan elderly are tough. On March 10, they spent 30 minutes at a rally with almost a thousand younger Tibetans. They stood

237. Kabuki 2012 in HD by P. Anne Winter

  Last month, I was fortunate to attend all four of the Japan Foundation’s Kabuki HD films at the Scotiabank Theatre. I noted that