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482. My Typical Weekend in Multicultural Toronto 2014 (with video)

Ruth writes: Someone asked me the other day if I went to all the festivals in Toronto. Yikes! I once counted one year’s worth

479. Multicultural Doors Open May 24 & 25, 2014

  Ruth writes: For people who hesitate to just walk into a building of another religion or cultural group, here’s your once-a-year opportunity. The

386. Report on a Bar Mitzvah

What do you do if you get invited to a Bar Mitzvah? My invitation came because I’m on the mailing list of Congregation Shir

Like most of my friends, I’m yearning for Easter this year, mainly because warmer weather isn’t expected to start until then. It will be

337. Dec. 15-16 Free or Nearly-free Multicultural Toronto Events

This weekend Hanukkah, and the Christmas Flower Shows at Allan Gardens and Centennial Park continue. COBA has an open house with demo African dance

336. Images from Winchevsky’s School’s Hanukkah Celebration

What can a Gentile or non-Jew expect at a Hanukkah celebration? I really enjoyed the recent one at the Winchevsky School. Everybody was friendly

326. Toronto’s Free or Nearly-Free Nov. 17-18 Multicultural Weekend

  This weekend, our giant Santa Claus parade marches and waves it way through downtown Toronto. Our 60 ft. (18.29 metre)-high Christmas tree gets

319. Toronto’s Free or Nearly-Free November 3-4, 2012 Multicultural Weekend

    This weekend, there’s Mexico’s Day of the Dead, an Asian festival, the annual Holocaust Education Week, and English country dancing. Most of

313. Sukkot in Downtown Toronto

  Did you see the sukkah this past week in front of the Old City Hall at Queen and Bay? I dropped in and

310. Toronto’s Free or Nearly-Free September 28-30 Multicultural Weekend

    Lots of free or nearly free events are in store this weekend for those who enjoy Toronto’s multiculturalism. Details like links, addresses,