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58. Jaya He

India’s Republic Day celebration last Saturday was an event more for Indian-Canadians than for other Torontonians intent on learning about Indian culture and meeting

Which Chinese New Year’s celebration is meant for you? Let me know if you’re doing something interesting. If you have small children, the public

56. Wedding Dreams

The Dreams Wedding Show was disappointing only because there were no male models dressed in the beautiful tunics that I saw in the South

55. Year of the Rabbit Horoscope

2012 is year 4709 on the Chinese calendar. Many people, Chinese and otherwise, may be interested in finding out what the new year will

54. Changing Faces at New Years

Let us know how you think the Changing Face performance is done. Changing Faces is a skill from traditional Sichuan opera. It is one

53. Lions in Toronto Streets

When can you see lions dancing in Toronto streets or shopping malls? My www.TorontoMulticulturalCalendar.com website has already posted dates and venues for Jan. 29

52. Citizenship Round Tables

  On one of the most significant days of your life, would you be happy to exchange personal stories with other such people? Last

51. Japanese New Year

  Anne Winter wrote about last weekend’s Japanese festival. The Japanese New Year is actually January 1 but a group of Japanese organizations decided

50. Chinese New Year’s Day

Chinese New Year’s Day is actually February 3 this year, but celebrations in Toronto started as early as January 22. They go on to

49. Wedding Show

January is Bridal Show month but even though it costs $5 to enter, my money is on an Indian-Pakistan bridal show. Obviously I don’t