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756. Exhibit from Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House May 7 and 28, 2017

Jewish. Netherlands. The Anne Frank House was at the top of my list of places to visit in Amsterdam last year. Alas, the queues

753. April 22–30 in Multicultural Toronto – 2017

The world is indeed in Toronto and you can experience it without a visa or a plane ticket or spending very much money. Canada,

702. November 14-20 Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2016

Here are some free or almost-free events to amuse or educate you in our diverse city. Celts. Celtic Studies Speakers Series present “The Invisible

694. October 5-11 Free or Almost-Free Events in Multicultural Toronto – 2016

Many cities in the world are finding multiculturalism a burden. Please show your friends how lucky we are with our vast number of interesting,

687. Multicultural Amsterdam’s Gold Penis – 2016

What does multicultural Amsterdam have that multicultural Toronto doesn’t? Both of us are on at least one  list of the top 10 multicultural cities

Netherlands Bazaar, Sat. October 3, 2015. 9am-10pm. Thornhill Community Centre, 7755 Bayview Ave. Thornhill. Fund raiser every other year to help needy families of

462. Pictures and Thoughts from Dutch Liberation Festival – 2015

Marijke writes: It has been an emotional few days for me leading up to my attending the ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the

457. Thank You Canada – Dutch Liberation Festival – 2015

Our thanks to Fein Verheij and Henny Groenendijk for telling us about this important event. CANADA AND THE NETHERLANDS: TWO COUNTRIES-ONE SPIRIT 1945-2015 During

440. Toronto’s White Dutch Black Pete

    The Dutch are currently embroiled in a cultural controversy — what to do about their beloved Black Pete. Known as Zwarte Piet,

395. Filipino, Justin Trudeau, Indian, & Orange Parades 2013

    With three parades slated last Saturday for Yonge Street each starting nearby at 11am, I wondered what would happen if they collided.