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468. Vietnamese Boat People Museum in Ottawa – 2015

  Ruth writes: I lived in Vietnam for two years in the 1960s, and have been back twice for foreign press reunions since its

464. Searching for Uniqueness in Multicultural Ottawa – 2015

At a Christmas party last year, I won a $500 “Gift of Ontario”. I hadn’t been sightseeing in Ottawa for decades so I used

459. Differences between Vietnamese and Chinese Culture.

We welcome a response to a comment by Tom T N Pham about our Blog on the Vietnamese Tet: . Ruth. Huaren Tse

449. Images of Tet Toronto – Vietnamese New Year 2014

  I first heard the word “Tet” the day I arrived in Vietnam in 1965. I knew the country was in the middle of

448. Chinese New Year 2014

 The Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, starts on January 31 this year. It is the Year of the Horse. The

357. How Did I Celebrate Chinese New Year Day?

  I spent four hours, yes, four hours, at Chinatown Centre on Spadina on February 10. The band from HMC Ship York started the

314. Toronto Public Library’s Multicultural Books

What Multicultural Toronto books do you recommend for people who want to read about our diversity? As you probably know already, Toronto has some

182. Multicultural Toronto September 16-18 Weekend

As far as I can see, this weekend’s big ethnic events are the Polish, Ukrainian, and the Samba (Brazilian) street festivals. The Vietnamese Mid-Autumn