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I don’t usually tell readers about a $40 event, but this time, it sounded so great, I couldn’t resist. The Russian Canadian Cultural Aid

65. Black History and Ghosts

It would be a stretch to consider our visit to the historic old Mackenzie House a Black History event as advertised. We spent about

64. Learning Ethiopian Dance

Harbourfront gets an A+ for getting its audiences up on their feet to dance. The teachers last weekend were from the Jaivah Nouvel Expose

63. Fun Starts at 65

It was like being in China. My friend Romaine Jones and I got the VIP treatment the moment we walked in the door. Grabbed

62. A Welcoming Mosque

You don’t have to wait for the one-weekend-a-year Doors Open opportunity to visit many of this city’s intriguing buildings. You can visit many of

61. Tamil Harvest Festival

Thanks to Norman Taylor, I learned about the Pongal Festival Reception in time to give it a mention on my Twitter.com/torontomulticul and to go.

60. $100 Prize

How well do you know the cultures of your Toronto neighbours? Can you identify the countries of origin of the food, festivals, or symbols

59. Black History Month Events

 February is Black History Month, a time to “Remember the past. Celebrate the present.” We do have festivals featuring our Black neighbours all year

58. Jaya He

India’s Republic Day celebration last Saturday was an event more for Indian-Canadians than for other Torontonians intent on learning about Indian culture and meeting

Which Chinese New Year’s celebration is meant for you? Let me know if you’re doing something interesting. If you have small children, the public