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76. A Korean Problem?

It was early in February when I had the time to look for festivals from Korea and Vietnam. They and several other countries share

75. Pectopah

I met Nadia at the Bilini Festival. Her favourite Russian restaurants are close to where she and many Russians live in North York: the

74. Tibetan New Year

Have you ever wanted to be in Tibet during a festival? The temples and streets are full of pilgrims spinning prayer wheels like this.

73. A Maple-sweet Time

Have you ever been sugaring? As many of you know, one of Canada’s unique products is the syrup made from the sap of several varieties

Do you know that black ink has six hues?  The Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association, TCCFA will hold a free event on Chinese Brush Painting

71. Russian Festival

Are you among those who hesitate about attending ethnic festivals and churches because you don’t know whether or not you’ll be welcome? Please tell

Saturday, Feb. 19. 11:30am-4:30pm. While the traditional New Year day is actually February 3 this year, the Korean Canadian Cultural Association is celebrating later

69. Clue to Contest Picture No. 07

Honestly, our contest is really quite easy. What can be more apparent than identifying the country in this picture? It’s spelled out right there

Have you thought about where you’re spending Family Day, February 21? The cities of Toronto and Mississauga have some great suggestions, most of them

67. A Lion in City Centre

The lion dance was spectacular. The red and yellow “animal” reared up almost two meters to grab the offered lettuce in its mouth. It