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Our daughter Linda, who is a gardener for the City of Toronto, has been growing flowers for the city’s Christmas Flower Shows. The shows are

Somebody does have to pay for those free or almost free events available for us to enjoy. The Myanmar Cultural Association of Brampton (MCAB)

19. Asians in Ontario

  Last Sunday, I experienced one of the best multicultural events in Toronto. It had food, dances, and exemplary cooperation. It was extremely well

18. Big Drum Social

This free weekly social provides a wonderful opportunity to gab with First Nations folk, but only if you make an effort. (See Twitter.com/TorontoMulticul for

17. November 20-21

There’s much happening this weekend in the multicultural department. Can anyone fit in the Santa Claus parade, the 29th Annual Swedish Christmas Festival, and

16. Bazaar at a Japanese Church

I didn’t think the annual bazaar at the Japanese Buddhist Church at 1011 Sheppard West fitted the ground rules for my calendar. It was

 My friend Anne says the potters are from various origins and often use  ethnic designs.  In any case, this is the ceramic show season.  Christmas

14. Drum Circle

I arrived at 5:30pm, the appointed time. The Native Centre is in a massive mansion at 16 Spadina Road, north of Bloor. Michele was in

13. Vishnu Mandir Temple

I celebrated Diwali at the Vishnu Mandir on Yonge near Highway 407. Earlier, I telephoned the person mentioned on its web-site to confirm the

12. Search for Perfection

   The Road to Asia last Saturday was almost perfect. It was November and the festival was indoors.  It was at the Japanese Canadian