Month: January 2012

224. Black History Month

  February is Black History Month. Schools will have special programs. Harbourfront Centre will celebrate February 3 to 5 with Kuumba. It will have

223. A Report on South Asian Wedding Shows

I went to the Dreams Wedding Show last Sunday. This South Asian event seemed smaller than the year before, and yikes!, the fashion show

222.    South Asian Bridal Show

Even if you don’t need to prepare for a wedding, I highly recommend a visit this coming Sunday to the South Indian and Multicultural

221. Scotland’s Robbie Burns and Haggis, a Report

  Some people think that Robbie Burns’ birthday celebrations are boring. “They go on forever,” said one lass. I went to two last weekend

220. How to Navigate This Renovated Blog

I hope you’ve noticed our renovations. They should make it easier to find your way around this Blog. As with all renovations, the talented

219. Celebrating Scotland’s Robbie Burns Day

  I get excited finding cultural celebrations that are free or almost free. I go to a lot, and entrance fees can add up.

218. Chinese New Year in Toronto

    January 23 this year is the first day of the Chinese New Year but the celebrating has already started. A lot more

217. An Ethiopian Church in Toronto Answers our Questions

  Earlier this week, I blogged about our visit to the Christmas eve service of St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.  I didn’t have

216. Cinema Kabuki by P. Anne Winter

We try to avoid mentioning events that cost this much, but Cinema Kabuki is a very rare and special opportunity. Book your tickets soon.

215. Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas Feast of the Nativity, a Report

I knew we would be welcomed even before we arrived. I had telephoned the church a couple days earlier about the evening’s program. It